Task 1

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  • Introduce yourself and your school.
  • In your opinion, what are the major environmental issues in the world today?
  • Explain the patterns you have found in analysing the materials and products you recorded from one school day.

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  1. Hi rappers,

    We are in Stage 2 at Canterbury PS, which is in Sydney. We are about 20 minutes from the centre of the city.

    Our environmental concerns are:
    * over use of oil, water, natural resources that cause global warming.
    * we are not looking after our planet
    * cruelty to animals to supply food for lots of people.

    When we thought about what things we used today, we noticed that, apart from the food we ate, everything was man made and not really renewable. For example, once we use something, or if something’s broken, it is chucked in the bin and not always recycled. But we do recycle paper and cardboard and have toilets that use rainwater to flush.

    We hope to learn how to be more sustainable.

    Canterbury PS

  2. Hi rappers!

    We are Penrith Public School rappers in Class SCHC. Penrith is in the outer suburbs of Sydney. We are four Stage 3 boys who are deaf.

    Our teacher is Mrs Coote and our teacher-librarian is Mr McLean. In Science and Technology, we have been learning about hurricanes, volcanoes and tornadoes.

    Our school is changing! We are getting two new brick classrooms – and a new library – built and we think we might be able to learn lots of things about sustainability from watching the builders preparing the foundations of the new buildings. This afternoon, we went out to look at the building sites and noticed how weeds and clumps of grass were already trying to grow back around the edges of the wire fences. We also saw how the builders had put pebbles and stones on the ground to stop their trucks from getting bogged in mud if it rains.

    We are looking forward to learning more about sustainability.

    From SCHC,
    Penrith PS

  3. Hi rappers,

    We are a Stage 3 class (Year 6) at Tharawal Primary School which is situated in the Sutherland Shire in the suburb of Illawong.

    We believe the most important environmental issues today are oil spills, global warming, the hole in the ozone layer caused by increasing pollution.

    After analysing the materials and products we recorded from one day at school we found that most things that we used were manufactured. We over-manufacture some goods because we do not reuse, recycle and reduce. At our school we have recycling of paper, rainwater, food scraps and plastics.

    Bye for now
    6K Tharawal Primary School

  4. Hi rappers,

    We are a group of students who are using technology. We attend Holy Family Primary Luddenham. We looked at how to reuse, recycle and reduce last term. Our toilets use rainwater to flush and we have just recently put in solar panels for our electricity. Our gardens have drought resistant plants, and our bubblers and taps have been changed so that we don’t waste too much water.

    We would like to learn about sustainability so we can make our school more environmentally friendly.

    Students of Holy Family Primary, Luddenham

  5. Hello everyone,

    We are a great group of kids who likes to do sport, help one another, and have fun when Year 6 kids hold fundraisers. We share lots of things with each other and we are all very trustworthy.

    Mrs Worsfold does great things with us in the library. We love exploring new things. We have a brand new section of the school. Everything is new – even the grass.

    We are concerned about these issues in the world’s environment: Cutting down trees, greenhouse gases, oil leaks, litter, carbon pollution, dust storms from deforestation, sea pollution, habitat destruction and passive smoking.

    We each made a log and listed the materials we use or see every day at school. We noticed that materials we used included a lot of food. We are wearing things that might have meant there was some cruelty happening to animals. Lots of these objects are man-made and some of them are natural.

    We noticed something about NEEDS and WANTS. Some things we really need to have to live but lots of the things we are using are just because we want them. We like electronic things made from plastic. When they break we throw them away because we don’t want to fix things. We always want to have the newest things; when you get it, it’s not always as good as you thought it would be, but then it’s too late and it’s a waste of money.

    4 Sami,
    Concord West PS

  6. Hi, my name is Stefan

    The big environmental issues are factories that sell things we don’t need and then dump chemicals into the water AND too many new fighting jets – they pollute the air – it’s the same with rockets.


  7. Hi, We are Junsung and Jun.

    The big environmental issues are polluted water and polluted air.

    Bye for now
    Junsung and Jun

  8. Hi, I’m Leon. The big environment issues are polluted water, rubbish in the streets, people who litter and dump everywhere. We can help by holding more days like Clean Up Australia Day…


  9. Hi – I’m Julia. I think the big environmental issues are that we should rescue our land from all the rubbish. Also, in the water there is rubbish – we have to save dolphins and other sea creatures from pollution and we also have to put some rubbish into the right bin.


  10. Hi, I’m Alice.

    I think the big environmental issues in the world are the tiny dust particles in the air, pollution from bush fires and pollution in dirty water. We could do something about this by stopping lighting fires in the bush and cleaning the water so that the fishes (my favourite animals) won’t die.


  11. Hallo everyone, we are Susie and Jessica.

    We think that there is so much rubbish in rubbish dumps that the problem keeps on growing.

    Another big problem is cutting down palm trees that Pandas live in – so they have less and less space to live in.

    Susie and Jessica

  12. Hi, my name is Alexandra.

    I think one big environmental issue is when they put a big oil tanker in the water and something goes wrong or when they are drilling for oil at sea and an accident happens.

    Recently this happened and it blew up and now the sea is poisoned. The next time they build one, they should put a special wall around it, so when we swim we do not swim we do not swim in very polluted water and if we swallow it we would be very sick. Fish also die when oil pollutes the water.


  13. Hallo everyone – my name is Neha. I think the big environmental issue in the world is that we should recycle so it’s not all messy. Sea creatures might eat plastics in the water, so don’t throw plastic so it goes into our drains and down to the sea. Instead, put it in the recycling bin.


  14. My name is Emily. I think in our environment we should stop putting plastics into water, try not to use cars as much and greenhouse gases are the worst thing in the world (that’s what I think).


  15. My name is Nicky. I think that people are using far too much packaging (plastic bags) and are littering far too much. If you can’t find a bin, then just hold on to your rubbish until you find one.

    See you later.

  16. Hi, I’m Erin.

    I think that the big environmental issues in the world are that people throw rubbish in the water and the water becomes polluted, cars have exhaust fumes that go up into the air and make holes in the ozone layer, some people smoke and cause air pollution and it is also very bad for our atmosphere when forests get bush fires. We should be more thoughtful about our environment and animals.


  17. Hi, my name is Ashley. I think the big environmental issue in the world is pollution. Some things that cause pollution are cars, fire or something that sends smoke into the air (like the volcano in Finland). A good thing is that trees catch the pollution. So, cutting down trees is another bad thing. If you want to help – ride your bike or walk to school and your job.


  18. Hi, I’m Jessica. There are two environmental issues I am worried about. Smoking: When kids walk past they breathe it.
    Cars: They cause lots of pollution.

    Bye for now.

  19. Hi – I am Gari. The big environmental issue for me is pollution in the sea. Pollution is poured into the sea and you can’t see it because it is under the sea.


  20. Hi! I’m Siam!

    I think there is too much litter – consisting of cigarette butts – which should be totally removed from the environment.

    There are too many exhaust fumes from cars when there should be solar powered ones.


  21. We are Lucas and Gianluca – hi there, everyone.

    Gianluca: I think the world needs to stop polluting oceans because the rubbish will kill the fish.

    Lucas: People are polluting the seas, people drive too much and we should stop littering.

    See you later!

  22. Hello everyone – we are Jianne, Seung and Joo.

    These are the environmental issues we care a lot about.

    Jianne: Global warming, pollution in water and on land, people chopping down trees.

    Seung: People throwing rubbish everywhere.

    Joo: I think the environmental issues are people and pollution in our seas, on roads and in our skies. We can help to get rid of some of this pollution by not letting oil into our air and water supply.

  23. My name is Georgina and I think the big environmental issues are:

    Global warming
    Too much pollution
    The low population of frogs – it shows that people are having a big impact.

    Bye for now.

  24. Hey everyone – my name is Matthew.

    I think the world has too much pollution in our seas, roads and our skies. We can help get rid of this pollution by stopping chopping down trees and ruining millions of animals’ homes.


  25. Hi, I’m Izzie.

    I think the big environmental issues in the world are:

    People spend lots of time inside instead of outside helping animals or gardening. We need to get outside and be helpful.

    People throw rubbish out of their cars onto the road and when it rains this gets swept through the drains, out into the ocean, then fish swallow it.

    Bye for now.

  26. Hallo everyone – I am the rap facilitator. A big welcome to you all. It has been wonderful so far to read about the schools in the rap and to find out the big environmental issues that you care about.

    I notice that air and sea pollution, littering, the over use of cars, global warming and habitat destruction are seen as very important by a number of people on this blog. As Jadey says, overuse of water is a big issue – in Australia we have to work very hard to conserve our water…

    I very much agree with Izzie that getting out into the environment can make us feel much more connected to what we have and what we can do for the land.

    There are a number of groups which take care of the bushland near where they live, in bush regeneration groups. They work together for a couple of hours each month, to clear away the weeds which are choking the native plants. Sometimes they plant young trees which are native to the area. Bush regeneration is a great way to help local habitats and make them “friendlier” for native animals.

    I know that some of the people who are writing on this blog care so much about the environment that they participate in Clean Up Australia or in Earth Hour when these days happen once a year. You will possibly join a local bush care group when you are older.

    You may already be using recyclable shopping bags – the green ones – and saying no to using throw away plastic bags! I can see that many people here are very committed to recycling.

    The MATERIALS log – what people use, wear or eat in one day
    It is interesting to think about the difference between “needs” and “wants” – we are definitely into buying plastic electronic goods which we WANT and do not necesarily need…

    Sustainability is a very interesting topic – there are some easy answers AND some tricky things to consider as well.


    P.S. I look forward to reading what other people think! Happy blogging…

  27. Hey Bloggers,
    Our class, 4/5M, is from Glenhaven Public School (“the place to be”). Our teacher is called Mr Moth – what a strange name! He is afraid of chickens! Our class has a mascot called Evil Care Bear – he is yellow and we keep him locked in a cage. We are really enjoying learning about gold this term.

    In our opinion, today’s major environmental issues are:
    • Greenhouse gases causing global warming
    • Animal species dying
    • Pollution
    • Logging of forests
    • People not reusing or recycling
    • Energy creation / usage

    When we kept a log of all the materials we came across in one day, we noticed that most of the materials were manufactured / manmade which means that energy / resources were consumed in producing the materials.

    Sustainably yours,
    Glenhaven PS

  28. Hi

    We are from Rutherford Public School, and are a class of 30 students. Our class is an OC class, and we are participating in this rap during our library lessons. This year in Library, we have been looking at Global Issues so our Teacher Librarian, Mrs Beesley, thought it would be great for us to do this rap as an extension of what we have been studying. It is our first time being involved in a rap.

    We found it interesting doing Task 1 and noticed that most of us used products and materials that were manufactured. There were only a few students who used mostly natural products and materials.

    We all came up with 3 things that we feel are the major environmental issues in the world today and Mrs Beesley collated them for us. The things that concern us the most in the world today are: global warming and climate change (including air pollution and greenhouse gases); oil spills and water pollution; extinction of animals, particularly the orangutan.

    We look forward to continuing this rap and reading other comments.

    5/6L & Mrs Beesley, Teacher Librarian
    Rutherford Public School

  29. Hi, my name is Jessie.

    In my opinion, today’s major environmental issues are global warming, logging, water pollution, whaling and climate change.

    When I kept a log of all the materials I came across in one day, I noticed that most of the things on my list were manufactured.


  30. Hi, my name is Jorji.

    I like horse riding, tennis, hanging around with my friends, hand ball, jokes, having fun and I like my friends.

    In my opinion, today’s major environmental issues are global warming, climate change, oil slicks and logging.

    When I kept a log of all materials I came across in one day, I noticed that lots of the materials are manufactured and lots of them are made out of plastic

    Bye for now, Jorji.

  31. Hi , my name is Georgia.

    I like having fun, hanging out with friends, swimming, talking, laughing, running and Justin Bieber.

    In my opinion, today’s major environmental issues are Global Warming, climate change, logging, oil slicks, whaling and pollution.


    When i kept a log of all the materiasl i came across in one day , i noticed that lots of them are manufactured.Most of them are plastic.

    Bye for now Georgia

  32. Hello fellow rappers,
    we are in year 5/6 at Kootingal Public School, 22kms north of Tamworth. We are lucky because we have a pool next door to our school , a really big playground, a chook pen with 5 chickens, a cow paddock with 2 steers, and great teachers!
    Our major environmental concerns are:
    • Energy usage such as electricity
    • Plastic bag overuse and pollution
    • Global warming
    • Man made disasters such as oil spills
    • Littering
    • Whaling
    • Depletion of resources
    • Deforestation
    • Water pollution
    • Landfills
    • overuse of air conditioners

    We are all on a roster that Mrs Doak, our Teacher Librarian, co-ordinates. We recycle water from our taps in the toilet blocks, recycle all the plastic bottles from our lunch orders and feed the chooks.
    We believe that we all need to reduce, reuse and recycle!

    5/6 M ( Mrs Mort teacher & Mrs Doak Teacher Librarian)
    Kootingal PS

  33. Welcome to all our bloggers – as schools and as individuals – it is great to hear your ideas about sustainability…

    I look forward to seeing what your views are as you play the sustainability games and look at the Natural Fibre Garments Roadmap.

    All the best!

  34. Hi, my name is Daisy – well – it is my nickname anyway.
    I like Taylor Swift, she is my inspiration.
    I also like the colour pink and I like singing, writing song writing and I love spending time with my friends and family expecially spending time with my little sis. She has a great imagination. She is like no-one I have seen on this planet before.
    Hopefully I can get on Australias Got Talent because I believe I can be as great as any of the other singers in the world.
    In my own opinion, today’s major environmental issues are global warming, pollution, climate change and over population.
    When I kept a log of all the materials I came across in one day, I noticed that I realized that most things are manufactured, some are natural and a lot are plastics.
    Bye for now, your great friend Daisy…..

  35. Hi my name is Taylah,
    I like singing, swimming, netball and playing with friends.
    My favourite singer is Taylor Swift. My favourite colour is purple and I also love blue.
    In my opinion, today’s major enviromental issues are climate change, global warming and pollution.
    When I kept a log of all the materials I came across in one day I noticed that most of the things are manufactured and lots of them are made of plastic.
    Bye for now

  36. Hi my name is Jazz

    I like listening to Usher and Beyonce music. I also like the colour blue, lasagne and hanging out with my friends. I also love to travel especially to Singapore and Malaysia.

    In my opinion, today’s major environmental issues are: Global Warming, Pollution, Climate Change, Greenhouse Gases, Logging and Over Population.

    When I kept a log of all the materials I came across in one day, I noticed that nearly every single one of them was manufactured and very rarely you would find a natural item.

    Bye For Now,

  37. Hi, my name is Buzz

    I like singing and performing arts; I hope to go to a performing arts high school. I LOVE song writing. I love being on stage doing my thing. My favourite colour is lime green and I love all my friends. My idol is Taylor Swift and I am in love with JB (Justin Bieber)…

    In my opinion, today’s major environmental issues are, global warming, pollution, climate change, over population and logging….

    When I kept a log of all the materials I came across in one day, I noticed that most of the items are manufactured and made of plastic.

    Bye for now, Buzz…..

  38. Hi, we are Brendan and Oliver.

    We don’t believe in climate change because the government just wants more money. It has been going on for hundreds, even thousands of years and hardly anything has happened.

    We believe that pollution is a problem – and whaling.

    Whaling is bad because whales are dying.

    We don’t like the Japanese Whaling program.

    Bye for now
    Brendan and Oliver

  39. Kaitlyn and Grace here.

    Hey peoples…

    Grace and I think the major issues of today are:

    . habitat clearing
    . logging
    . pollution in air
    . rubbish

    Bye for now.

    Kaitlyn and Grace

  40. Hello

    We are very concerned about the whaling, the Japanese whaling program is really wrong.

    Ben and Aiden

  41. Hi – we are the weoes (Whitney, Emmelia, Olivia, Emily and Sophie)

    We are here because of the Orangutan project. We are concerned at the loss of the Great Red Ape as we even made an animation for it. When we heard about the issue we were shocked. If you would like to find out more information go to Orangutan Outreach at http://redapes.org

    See you later
    Whitney, Emmelia, Olivia, Emily and Sophie

  42. Lara and Issy here…

    Hi, we are from Rutherford Public School, NSW, Australia.

    We are worried about:

    * global warming
    * endangered animals
    * pollution

    and so much more.

    Bye for now

  43. Hi everyone,
    This is our second “rap” – so here we go.

    We are two girls from Rutherford Public School who are deeply concerned about the environment!

    Our main concerns for the environment are:
    Global Warming
    Water conservation
    Extinction of animals
    And much much more!

    You can just make small changes that would make a really big difference!
    So for our sake and for mother nature’s could you please help us and help everyone else like us to conserve our environment and to restore what the earth should look like!

    That’s all for now…

    Happy Rapping!
    Sammy and Rizina

  44. A very big welcome to everyone – it is wonderful to have you on board for this rap and to hear about your environmental concerns.

    It has been wonderful to hear from the school groups, and to learn about your schools and why you are doing the rap. Thanks also to those who have introduced themselves personally and explained their hobbies and interests…

    Yours sustainably

  45. Hi There,

    We are a group of boys in Years 7 and 8 at Colo High school who like spending time each week working with our STLA, Mrs Crawshaw. We call ourselves “The Mullets.”

    Our school is located in the Hawkesbury, just north-west of Sydney. It is a semi rural area and a great place to grow up.

    We like cars and V8 racing. We all love computer games such as Pokemon.

    We think that pollution, over-fishing, nuclear waste and the increasing numbers of feral animals are of great concern to the environment.

    When we looked around our school, we realised that most items used in school are manufactured. We only found a couple of items that were natural.

    That’s all for this lesson,

    The Mullets

  46. Welcome to the Mullets – I suggest you go to Task 3 and play Hogbusters next – or perhaps go into Task 4 and look at The Adventures of Bobby Bigfoot…

    Great to have you on board…


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